Bunq lets you create joint accounts with non-Bunq Premium users

Challenger bank has revamped joint accounts to give you more flexibility. If you’re a premium users (ie not just a Bunq Travel customer), you can create a sub-account with someone else who’s not a premium user for €2.99 per month. Bunq also lets you create multiple sub-accounts, meaning that you can have an account with your partner, another one with your kid, etc.

九洲体育官网The feature is called and is different from traditional . With Bunq +1, you can invite someone who isn’t already a Bunq user and share an account with them. They don’t have to pay €7.99 for a Bunq Premium subscription. The main Bunq account holder pays €2.99 per month for each +1 account.

九洲体育官网After that, you can both deposit money, view transactions and spend money. Each user gets their own Bunq card. This feature can be particularly useful for parents who want to manage allowance on Bunq. The parent could instantly transfer money from their main account to the +1 account — they can view transactions at all time. The kid could spend money with a Bunq card.

九洲体育官网If you’re trying to share an account with an existing Bunq Premium user, you can create a sub-account and share it. Each user will have a full-fledged Bunq account with their own personal account. They’ll also have a shared sub-account with its own IBAN.

Of course, you both have to pay €7.99 per month for a Bunq Premium subscription. Bunq Premium users can create up to 25 sub-accounts for free.

九洲体育官网Business customers can also leverage Bunq +1 to hand out corporate cards to their employee. Each employee could have their own +1 account with their own card. Businesses could then manage expenses and top up accounts.

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